Advantages of magnifier lights

- Oct 06, 2019-

There are many kinds of existing lamps, and the main feature and function is to use a light cover to concentrate the light of the light source in a partial space, enhance the brightness of the illumination for more clear observation and reading, and avoid the light to the other without illumination. The interference caused by space also plays a role in saving electricity. However, in real life, in addition to the need to enhance the illumination of the local space, it is necessary to enlarge the observed object or the handwriting pattern. For example, when observing electronic circuits, overhauling clocks, and reading books, it is often necessary to enlarge them to improve the definition. This is especially true for older people. However, the existing various types of desk lamps do not have the amplification function, so their use has been limited.

This magnifier light has illumination and amplification. The lamp includes a light source, a lamp cover, a lamp holder, a lamp holder, and a power switch, and is characterized in that a magnifying glass is mounted on the lamp cover portion, and the lamp housing has an observation hole.


The main advantage of the magnifier lamp is that, in addition to being used as an ordinary table lamp for illumination, the lamp can also magnify the object being observed to improve its clarity. This lamp can be widely used in production and life fields such as electronic route observation, precision instrument repair, handicraft processing, reading, etc. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient processing and manufacture, and low cost.