Damage Reasons of LED

- Apr 24, 2019-

1. The voltage of the current is unstable, and the increase of the power supply voltage is particularly likely to cause the destruction of the LED lamp. There are many reasons for the sudden rise of the voltage. The quality of the power supply or the improper use of the user may cause the power supply voltage to suddenly rise. high.

2. The power supply path of the lamp is partially short-circuited. This is usually caused by a short circuit in a part of the line or other wires that increase the voltage in this place.

3. It is also possible that the LED is damaged due to its own quality and thus a short circuit, and its original voltage drop is transferred to other LEDs.

4. The heat dissipation effect of the lamp is not good. We all know that the lamp light is a heat dissipation process. If the temperature inside the lamp is too high, the LED characteristics will be deteriorated. This also makes it easy to damage the LED lights.

5. It is also possible that water is introduced into the luminaire because the water is electrically conductive, which will short the wiring of the luminaire.

6. When the assembly is not working properly, the inside of the LED has been damaged by static electricity. Despite the application of normal voltage and current values, it is extremely easy to cause damage to the LED.