Desktop magnifier light features

- Oct 10, 2019-

A desktop magnifying glass, or a desktop magnifying glass, is a magnifying glass shaped like a desk lamp. There are two types. The desktop magnifying glass is a full-featured desktop magnifying glass. The desktop magnifying glass has the following characteristics:


1, there are two ways to place: there are placed on the desktop, but also placed on the side of the table;

2. Double combination of amplification and illumination, the magnification can be selected according to different requirements;

3, the light is stable and reliable, no flickering, no impact on vision;

4, can be configured with advanced white lenses to reduce visual fatigue caused by prolonged use;

5, the lens area is relatively large, the field of view is wider, the light transmittance is higher than the ordinary magnifying glass;

6, multi-segment retractable or rotatable handle (or neck), a wide range of freely adjust the magnifying glass direction and angular position.

7, in general, the use of a desktop light magnifying glass, you can not have a magnifying glass, hand-held magnifying glass and other types of magnifying glass.


Subject to optical principles and other factors, the magnification of the magnifier is generally inversely proportional to the lens area. The larger the mirror area, the smaller the relative size is. The most common lens diameter or size of the desktop lamp magnifier series is above 100mm (the largest is 220mm diameter).