How to choose a reading magnifier

- Oct 24, 2019-

How do older friends choose a magnifying glass that is suitable for reading?

First read the magnifying glass with the light without a lamp and a magnifying glass with a light. Generally, the reading magnifier without a lamp is used as a popular reading magnifying glass, and the reading magnifying glass with a lamp is a higher reading magnifying glass.


Secondly, the reading magnifier has a hand-held magnifier and a desktop magnifying glass. Generally, the handheld reading magnifier is mainly used, and the desktop magnifying is mostly used in the industrial field in China.

Finally, reading a magnifying glass is generally not a high magnification magnifier. The magnification of the reading magnifier is usually between 2 and 7 times, which is suitable for reading in most everyday life. Unless there are special requirements, it is very sufficient.


Common reading magnifiers can be used not only for reading, but also for other observations, such as natural specimen observation, scientific experiments, collectible identification, and magnifying glass enthusiasts.