LED light source is more energy efficient

- Mar 31, 2019-

Of course, energy saving is the most important reason for us to consider the use of LED. Maybe LED is more expensive than traditional light source, but it takes one year's energy saving to recover the investment of light source, thus obtaining several times of energy saving net closing period in 4-9 years.

Life: Constant current source driving is the best LED driving method. It is driven by constant current source. It does not need to connect current limiting resistors in the output circuit. The current flowing through the LED is not affected by external power supply voltage changes, ambient temperature changes, and discrete LED parameters. The influence is such that the current can be kept constant and the various excellent characteristics of the LED can be fully utilized.

LED constant current power supply is used to supply power to LED lamps. Since the current flowing through the LEDs is automatically detected and controlled during power supply operation, there is no need to worry about excessive current flowing through the LEDs during power-on, and there is no need to worry about load short-circuiting. Bad power supply.