LED light source principle

- Dec 05, 2019-

The main parameters of LED light source operation are VF, IF, and other related colors are color/color temperature/wavelength/brightness/luminous angle/efficiency/power consumption. The LED is a PN junction diode. Only when sufficient forward voltage is applied to conduct current, the VF forward voltage establishes a normal working state for LED illumination. The IF forward current is to cause the LED to emit light, and the luminance and current flowing through it are Proportional. White LED VF nominal voltage: 3.4V ± 0.2V. When the LED light source is produced in large quantities, the VF of each batch of LEDs has a certain dispersion. In order to meet the consistency required by the customer, the LEDs must be sold according to different VF bins when they are shipped out; otherwise, the same batch of LED lamps will be produced. There is a difference in brightness; the LED IF operating current is selected according to the application, and different current levels cannot be mixed.