LED table lamp design

- Dec 08, 2019-

As the fourth generation of new energy-saving light source, LED light source was used as the light source of various lamps since its birth. The incandescent lamp as a light source has a luminous efficiency of only 5%, and the luminous efficiency of the LED light source is almost 90%. LED lighting has become the focus of everyone's attention because of its high energy saving, long life and environmental protection. The desk lamp is an ordinary lamp used by every household. In recent years, the high-brightness LED light source has been leaps and bounds due to its manufacturing technology, and its production cost has been reduced. Now, the table lamp can use the LED light source as high brightness, high efficiency and power saving. A carbon-free lighting source.


A simple and practical LED table lamp scheme .

The AC220V provides a stable 12V DC power supply to the LED desk lamp via a safe step-down converter outside the luminaire. A constant current source power supply board is placed in the base of the lamp base to convert the DC voltage into a stable DC constant current source to meet the LED light source. Technical requirements for luminescence. A power switch can be added before the DC constant current source to turn off the DC power when the desk lamp is not in use, but the 220V AC power supply cannot be turned off. Therefore, the power plug of the adapter should be removed from the wall when not in use. This is also the practical solution. The only "disadvantage". If you don't want to use mechanical switches, and you want a more creative selling point, you can use electronic touch switch, such as finger tap to realize the opening of the table lamp -> full light, semi-dark, off; due to the rapid advancement of electronic technology, electronic touch Switches are now a low-cost device.