LED table lamp luminaire high performance optical system

- Nov 08, 2019-

An excellent luminaire requires a high-performance optical system, and a high-performance optical reflector is one of the most technically versatile components. It has a high degree of reflectivity, a good light control angle and uniformity of reflected light. We design the optical system of the luminaire through computer simulation, so that the light emitted from the LED is redistributed through optical instruments such as reflectors and lenses, and the light distribution is reasonable, and the design requirements are fully met. The reflector is anodized for high reflection efficiency and durability; the light-shielding material with high light transmittance is used as the lampshade. That is to maintain the high efficiency of the optical system, and reduce glare.


When purchasing a desk lamp as a learning lighting fixture, we should pay special attention to the glare of the fixture. Do not let the light project straight into the eye. Since the light is directly projected on the eye, the eye will have a photophobic feeling and be easily tired, and the pupil will be narrowed and the surrounding area will be darkened, resulting in an unclear line of sight. Reading and writing in such a glare environment for a long time will greatly impair your eyesight. With eye hygiene, we should start with high-quality lighting, which requires us to pay more attention to the quality of lighting when purchasing lamps.