Note on buying LED desk lamps

- Dec 02, 2019-

Many people have a general understanding of the desk lamp, but it may be difficult to make a purchase. There are so many brands of LED desk lamps. What kind of eye protection is the most eye-catching?


Appearance: If the appearance is rough, the quality of the product is hard to believe, so the first thing to pay attention to is the appearance of the product. Some brands say that the gap is within the acceptable range, but if If you really pursue quality, you will feel dissatisfied with small gaps. Therefore, when buying a desk lamp, you should not buy cheap lamps and buy some desk lamps with poor workmanship.


When buying LED desk lamps, please pay attention to whether there is optical processing. If it is a desk lamp with directly exposed chips, it will not only be glaring, but also cause glare and cause certain damage to the eyes.


Can you dim? Dimming is divided into grading dimming, which is how many levels are fixed. This kind of dimming method does not make much sense. After all, the difference in sensitivity to brightness is still very large. Therefore, those sub-level dimming protects vision. There is no practical use, it can only be regarded as a gimmick of product value-added; when choosing, you should choose the stepless dimming (ie, gradient dimming), the brightness of light is not fixed, you can adjust according to your own needs. Light that is too bright or too dark can cause eye damage, so the right light is important.


Can you color the temperature? The actual use of the color temperature is not large, although some merchants claim what kind of light color is better in the season, but the color temperature that is most suitable for the eyes is about 5000K, which is slightly yellowish.