Placement of floor lamp

- May 30, 2019-

The floor lamp is generally placed in the rest area of the living room, with the sofa, tea table, on the one hand to meet the lighting needs of the region, on the other hand to form a specific environment atmosphere. Usually, floor lamps should not be placed next to large furniture or in areas that hinder activity. In addition, floor lamps can also be used in bedrooms. For example, when a reporter sees a model room, the bedroom uses a floor lamp with a top-lighting style, forming a warm light environment.

Most floor lamps have a cover, tube cover is generally more popular, floor lamp support is mostly made of metal, rotary wood. It should also be noted that the selection or manufacture of the bracket and the base must be well matched with the lampshade. There should be no sense of imbalance in the proportion of "small people wearing big caps" or "tall people wearing small caps".

Lantern lighting is the easiest part of decorating home lighting. It can not only act as the main lamp in a small area, but also cooperate with the changes of light environment through different illumination and other indoor light sources. At the same time, floor lamp can also become a good decoration in the living room by its unique appearance. Therefore, choosing a beautiful and practical floor lamp is a basic task in decorating household lighting.