Style of Table Lamp

- Jul 05, 2019-

According to the style, there are: modern table lamps, antique table lamps, European-style table lamps, Chinese table lamps, luxury, simplicity, fashion and so on.

According to the material classification: hardware table lamp, resin table lamp, glass table lamp, crystal table lamp, solid wood table lamp, ceramic table lamp and so on.

Advantages of different lamps:

1. Advantages of wrought iron table lamp: fashionable, modern, diverse in shape, suitable for decoration and versatile, low price

2. Crystal table lamp advantages: suitable for luxury decoration, beautiful, grade, large size, thick and luxurious.

3. Wooden table lamp: advantages: classical, simple shape, suitable for Chinese decoration, the price is moderate.

4. Acrylic table lamp advantages: small size, low price, easy to carry.

5. Resin table lamp advantages: suitable for European style decoration, the structure of the lamp body is complex, and the style is noble and elegant.

6. Advantages of jade table lamp: exquisite and transparent, the collection value is high.

7. Ceramic table lamp advantages: art, classical, diverse styles, strong viewing, durable, and affordable.