Table lamp style design

- Jul 17, 2019-

Due to the variety of lamps, the size, style and material of the lamps used are slightly different for different places of use. For example, the table lamp used in the hotel is much larger than the size of the home decoration table lamp, especially the table lamp used in the hotel lobby, which is larger in size and thick and luxurious. The European-style antique table lamp is durable and looks good. It is equipped with European architectural style and has the effect of adding flowers. The modern business hotel suites are equipped with some modern and simple table lamps. They are refreshing and simple, and they are refreshing and refreshing. The luxurious high-end table lamp is matched with the suitable environment. When the space effect is good, whether the light is bright or closed, it is a work of art! Therefore, designers must consider whether the style, style, price, etc. of your desk lamp meets such needs.