The characteristics and application of magnifier lamp

- Sep 15, 2019-

Compared with the traditional magnifying glass, the magnifier Lamp has obvious advantages. It not only has a large screen, but also has a wide field of view. It is also strong and anti-fall. It has a soft light source and can be used as a night light in the evening, plus a novel switch design. It is unique.Can be customized according to the requirements of a variety of colors to meet the requirements of different users.


1. Simple and practical, easy to carry, ergonomic design, elegant and comfortable, hand-held;

2. Wide range of applications, such as the elderly, students, factory engineers, antique collectors, etc.;

3. This product has many functions: It is suitable for field work, as a flashlight for simple lighting, copywriting work and access to information, etc. It is a good helper for life, study, work and travel, and it is also a gift for friends and family! Commendation gifts/souvenirs from units, troops, social groups, conferences, and important programs;

4. With illumination LED lights (pure white light source), the brightness is high, the light distribution is uniform, and the light is not restricted when used, so the magnification effect is clearer.