What are the advantages of the Magnifying light?

- Sep 17, 2019-

1. Lehua Magnifying light works fine, novel and unique, full of joy; its aluminum alloy shell design, luxurious texture; built-in three LED high-brightness light source, not affected by ambient light, the overall feeling of luxury and comfort.


2. Original design, surprise constantly: LED lights use a full smart touch invisible switch, novel and unique, one touch will be bright, surprise is unlimited, so that users have a good psychological experience.


3. Intimate and practical: about 5 times fixed focus design, eliminating the trouble of focusing up and down; 7cm diameter large field of view, no need to hold hands, prevent excessive fatigue of the hand;


4. Multiple functions, not only suitable for reading and reading newspapers, but also for making book holders and decorations, and can also be used as night lights at night.


5. Cost-effective, its biggest advantage is not only suitable for young office workers like U disk and mouse, which are commonly purchased by everyone. It also has strong exploratory, originality, strong impact, many different age groups. The crowds are very fond of it, suitable for meeting gifts, business gifts, etc., for dry-stay, teachers, retired cadres and other people.