LED Light Source Is Environmentally Friendly

- Jul 24, 2019-

LED is an all-solid-state illuminant, impact-resistant and non-breakable, waste-recyclable, non-polluting, reducing the generation of harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide and nitride, and the generation of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. It can be called "green lighting source."

There are currently three kinds of white LED technology: one is to use the three primary color principle and the three kinds of ultra-high brightness LEDs that can be produced, such as red, green and blue, to be mixed in light ratio of 3:1:6 to form white, two kinds, and use super Highly InGan blue LED, the tube is always added with a little pomegranate-based phosphor, which can produce yellow-green light under blue light excitation, and this yellow-green light can synthesize white light with the exposed blue light. Light LEDs use ultraviolet light-activated trichromatic phosphors or other phosphors to produce white light mixed in multiple colors.

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