The Difference Between LED Lights

- Jun 30, 2019-

Ordinary fluorescent lamp: There is a filament at each end of the fluorescent lamp. The lamp tube is filled with a small amount of argon and thin mercury vapor. The inner wall of the lamp tube is coated with phosphor powder. When the gas between the two filaments is electrically conductive, ultraviolet rays are emitted to make the phosphor powder. Gives soft visible light.

Fluorescent lamp working characteristics: A high voltage is required when the lamp starts to ignite, and only a small current is allowed to pass during normal illumination. At this time, the voltage across the lamp is lower than the power supply voltage.

LED fluorescent lamp: LED fluorescent lamp is characterized by high quality, durability and energy saving. The projection angle adjustment range is large, and the brightness of 15W is equivalent to ordinary 40W fluorescent lamp. High temperature resistance, moisture proof and waterproof, and leakage prevention. The use voltage is: 110V, 220V optional, the cover can be made of glass or PC material. The lamp head is the same as a regular fluorescent lamp.

LED fluorescent lamp adopts the latest LED light source technology, digital design, saving more than 70%, 12W LED daylighting is equivalent to 40W fluorescent tube (for ballast and starter, 36W fluorescent lamp real consumption The power is 42W to 44W). LED fluorescent lamp life is more than 10 times that of ordinary lamp, almost maintenance-free, no need to change lamp, ballast, starter frequently. The green and environmentally friendly semiconductor electric light source has soft light and pure spectrum, which is beneficial to the user's vision protection and health. The 6000K cold light source gives a visually cool feeling, and the humanized illuminance difference design helps to concentrate and improve efficiency.

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